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St Gabriel's School, previously known as St Gabriel's School for Hearing Impaired Children and has been at Castle Hill since 1922. For the first 50 years it was a boarding school for deaf boys from all over Australia.

2009 was a year of introduced change for St Gabriel's - some difficult decisions had to be made to ensure the future of the school.

Over the past number of years, the success of the Cochlear Implant and other advances in technology has enabled far more children with hearing impairment to enter mainstream education. St Gabriel's has been a strong supporter of transition programs to encourage that trend.

However, this trend had an impact on enrolment patterns at St Gabriel's which ultimately allowed for an extension of the enrolment criteria as places became available. It became common practice for students with single disability hearing impairment to take up mainstream positions.

Therefore, while continuing the proud tradition of support for children with hearing impairment, from 2010 St Gabriel's offers a range of programs catering for children with hearing impairment as well as those children with a wider range of disabilities such as intellectual disability and autism in the mild to moderate range. These children may or may not have a hearing impairment. This will ensure the future of the school fully utilise its expertise and the beautiful facilities that the school has to offer.

Our history is rich and miracles happen every day at St Gabriel's. It is a school of which our community is very proud.

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