Student Wellbeing

St Gabriels 29March2021 100

St Gabriel’s School is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition. It is also a recognised KidsMatter school. We put student wellbeing at the heart of the school day and aim to affirm, develop and nurture the unique strengths and abilities of each and every student holistically.

Our school values - faith, joy, relationships and community – express the importance of wellbeing across our community, inclusive of families, staff, students and the wider community. Each week at assembly, students are recognised for their contributions to being a good learner, being caring and being safe. We work with families to create positive outcomes at home and at school and work individually with students through social emotional programs targeted at the understanding of our students. We provide support and staff training to help students develop resilience and social and emotional development. Through PDHPE and Pastoral Care programs, students learn about emotions and regulating them, making and holding relationships, becoming self- and other-aware and taking care of themselves in positive ways.

Pastoral Care at St Gabriel’s School aims to:

  • Create a school environment which is safe, supportive, conducive to learning, enhances a sense of belonging and demonstrates care for all
  • Develop and implement practices that are consistent with the school Mission and Vision
  • Exhibit and enhance practices of self and mutual respect
  • Develop growth in students’ sense of well-being, self-discipline and personal potential
  • Encourage students to make decisions reflective of the teachings of Jesus