Schedule of Fees


Total fees payable per annum $3,315

This is payable in 3 accounts and made up of:

Tuition Fee       $1,860 ($620.00 per account)

Resource Fee   $1,455 ($485.00 per account)

In addition there is a Building Donation.  Parents are encouraged to support the Building Donations, it is voluntary and therefore totally tax deductible.  The funds are used for the upgrading of facilities. If any parent is in a position to contribute more it would be most appreciated.

The Building donation $540.00 per year ($180.00 per account)

Total fees including the building donation  $3,855

School fees are forwarded to parents within the second week of school in the first three terms.  All accounts are to be paid within the first four weeks of that term.  Any family experiencing difficulties in this area should contact the Business Manager, Mrs. Marilyn Noonan so that an arrangement can be made to suit individual needs and commitments.