Our Supporting Schools

Our Local Schools - Strengthening our bonds

St. Gabriel's is fortunate to have formed close bonds with many mainstream high schools. Opportunities for social interaction with other schools are important to our programs. This interaction could be in the form of inter school visits, sport activities or collaborative classroom and group activities.

Many schools have fundraised for St. Gabriel's to allow us to purchase anything from drums to computers. We are very appreciative of this. Money raised by 2009 Year 12 Students at Barker College, allowed us to purchase a new ceiling mounted projector and AV System including a pull down screen for our assembly area, which has enhanced the usibility of this space enormously.

Our thanks go to the following schools for their partnership:

Gilroy Catholic College, St. Bernadette's Primary School, Oakhill College, Pymble Ladies College and St. Piux College, Chatswood.


Collaborative Programs at work:

Design 2 Shine

The brainchild of the Principals in 2009 of Gilroy Catholic College, St Bernadette's Primary and St. Gabriel's School.  Design 2 Shine was conceived in 2009 out of discussions covering a wide range of possibilities that would continue the longstanding partnership between their schools.

This project involves St. Bernadette's Year 4 students, Year 9 students from Gilroy Catholic College and  students at St. Gabriel's School. It is co-ordinated by Gilroy's Year 9 Co-ordinator, Year 4 Co-ordinator at St Bernadette's Primary School and Dianne Hooke, Head of Campus at St. Gabriel's School.

The Aims of Design 2 Shine are:

  • Prepare the Year 4 Students for a flexible learning environment that is part of the curriculum in Year 5 at St. Bernadette's;
  • Challenge all children involved regardless of ability to think creatively and problem-solve as an extension of the regular classroom curriculum
  • Raise awareness of disability within the community
  • Work collaboratively in peer tutoring capacities
  • Provide leadership experience for the Gilroy College Students
  • Provide a local, safe offsite learning environment for St. Bernadette's students
  • Give all students the opportunity to learn how to collaborate, co-operate, plan, manage, complete and critically review a project.
  • Provide a conduit to local business from which may come financial and/or practical support for the project with materials, advice or skills
  • Provide an insight into potential employment paths through working with various businesses and media.