Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy doesn't happen without a solid experiential language and vocabulary base. In the early years, emphasis is placed on using language and concepts functionally and meaningfully throughout the school day.

Opportunities for students to use maths, and to read and to write, are programmed into every learning activity. Children are supported to develop language and number concepts meaningfully; to organise them efficiently; to learn the sound system, alphabetic principals, word order and rules of language; to discriminate patterns, similarities and differences so that their literacy and numeracy development has focus and meaning, and is functional and relevant to their daily lives.

We aim to provide a solid foundation and a rich environment for literacy and numeracy learning that is success based and engaging for every student.

Literacy & Numeracy Assessments at St Gabriels

Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy are ongoing and take the form of class tests, annotated work samples, observation, skills assessment, (as in MULTILIT levels and SRA Spelling Mastery levels) video and photo feedback, self reflections and standardised testing.

Literacy and Numeracy assessments are conducted at St Gabriel's for each student on an ongoing basis. This information serves as a tracking device for each student and allows programming to be flexible and dynamic.