2013 Coleman Greig GWS Executive Challenge

Thank you to Coleman Greig for supporting us in 2013 with the Coleman Greig GWS Executive Challenge WOW, what an event! Like elite athletes, our volunteers for the day rose to the sound of an alarm clock on Friday 1st November in fear of missing the 5am start. Putting up banners, marking out starts and finish lines, checking in registrations along with a well earned coffee were the order of the early morning as we prepared for the inaugural cycling and running components of this event. After a welcome warm up with ‘dancing hurdler’, Michelle Jenneke, and with  barricades, water stations and first aid in place, the race started at 6.30am. Serious and not so serious cyclists and runners took to the track as daylight broke, vying for gold, silver and bronze.  There were 96 participants in the event, first home in 46 minutes, 44 seconds was our gold runner and in 59 minutes, 34 seconds, our first gold cyclist crossed the line.

A little weary and a bit sore, participants made their way to Northcott for a hearty cooked style breakfast.  On stage, Michelle Jenneke spoke of her hopes and dreams as an up and coming athlete, we heard from Jayme Richardson who gave us insight into why she loves cycling and we also heard from Paul Croft, a former runner who shared with us his prized possession – the Paralympic torch. Personal stories from Northcott ambassadors Ben and Shirley and our own parent, Steve Rowe enlightened the room,  reminding us why we were all here.  

Towards the end of the event, our VIPs, Nathan Rees MP and Julie Owens MP presented the winners with their deserving medals and trophies, with the overall winners of the event – St George Bank Parramatta. Well done!

There were other winners of the day, our raffle prize winners:

1st – Ray Vella No.1316, 2nd – Brent Scotton No. 224, 3rd – Paul Eisenhuth No. 2449
4th – K Brennan No. 3816, 5th – Sonya McPhee No. 274, 6th- Clare Dolan No. 462 

Thank you to our St. Gabriel’s running team of Amy, David, Helen and Belinda, and our volunteers. A special thanks to our Platinum and Gold sponsors, our event supporters and to Northcott. A heartfelt enormous thanks to Coleman Greig for providing the opportunity to increase the awareness of our school and the work in supporting children with special needs, and the chance to raise funds to continue to provide for our specialised programs.   Total net funds raised from this event was an outstanding $43,000.